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Steel manufacturing is a tough environment. To produce a strong, durable product, manufacturers need parts and components that are equally as tough. When these parts wear out, valuable production time is lost. One particular steel manufacturer was losing valuable time with an outdated, complicated design for their cold mill and continuous galvanization line. The design had over 25 component parts and took the maintenance crew over 3.5 hours to assemble and install. After all that work, the bearings were only lasting 6-9 months in the mill before wearing out.

The company contacted Osborn Load Runners for a better solution. Our engineering team loves nothing more than a good challenge and instantly went to work creating a design that would meet the steel manufacturer’s needs. The outcome was a Load Runner application that takes the steel company’s maintenance crew 10 minutes to install and requires no pre-assembly. Even better, the Osborn special Load Runner has an extended 5+ year lifespan, which means more production and less downtime.

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