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Load Runners Load Guidance Systems

grx overviewFor Precision Handling of Heavy Loads in Tough Environments

Combine the high capacity of Load Runners idler-rollers with high-strength steel Load Rails, cut to length and drilled to your specifications. Eliminate design time and sourcing costs for heavy-duty material handling systems.


Every Piece is Designed to Perform

Idler-roller treads are machined from high-alloy steel, then case hardened (Rc 55-60) for a wear-resistant outer shell and tough inner core.

Precision tapered roller bearings (larger sizes) and deep-groove ball bearings withstand heavy radial and thrust loads, as well as high speeds.

Idler-rollers are tightly sealed and lubricated for life to withstand dirt, sand, and moisture. High-shear-strength studs (stud style) with hex socket for easy installation. Thru-shafts (yoke style) eliminate the need for customer fabrication.

Load Rails are straight and twist-free, with hardened contact surfaces.


Idler-Rollers/Cam Followers

Cam RunnerCAM RUNNER® idler-rollers give designers a new way to control linear motion and support the lighter loads that don’t require the heavy-duty performance of Osborn’s Load Runners idler-rollers. Although they’re dimensionally interchangeable with conventional needle-bearing cam followers, they provide important performance features no needle-bearing can deliver.

  • No lubrication, no contamination
  • No needles, no noise
  • Will tolerate thrust loads
  • Non-sparking performance
  • Submersion or washdown solution