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Founded in 1887, Osborn is the leader in idler roller & cam follower innovation. The Load Runner line of products includes plain, flanged, V-grooved, and crowned roller styles; with hardened steel, stainless steel, and non-metallic tread surfaces. In addition, multiple lubrication styles are available for high-temperature, washdown, and solvent environments, including solid lubricants and relube provisions.

Osborn introduced the first deep groove-bearing and tapered-bearing equipped cam follower to the market 40 years ago. Developed for material handling in Osborn’s line of foundry equipment, these rollers were originally designed solely for our own consumption. The improved capabilities over similar needle-bearing designs soon lead to wholesale distribution of a full line of Load Runners in many sizes and configurations.

Osborn's has over 40 outside sales associates who support our North American customers. Our engineering department is also available to assist you with technical support.

Load Runners and Load Rails are made in the USA.


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