Load Rail: Engineered Solution for High-Capacity, Precision Load Handling

Engineered steel rails are the high-performance choice for companies seeking to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of heavy-duty load handling in a variety of applications, including the harsh environments for chemical manufacturing, mining, shipbuilding and steel and glass mills.

As many as 90 percent of manufacturers fabricate their own load-handling solutions by welding angle iron, sheet steel and I-beams together. These fabrications are used to guide raw material, components and finish products through their production facilities. Other fabricated rails move architectural elements, scientific and medical equipment — sometimes even people.

These home-built solutions are often justified as less-expensive options, perhaps making use of internal fabrication capabilities. While high-performance materials may initially be more expensive, total cost of ownership should be evaluated when planning to implement a new material handling system. A close examination will reveal that engineered rail actually reduces costs for material and repairs. Businesses can avoid significant production downtime because engineered rail is more reliable, extends the life of load-carrying rollers that move over it, and requires less time and expense to repair or replace.

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