Improving the Game

Solving problems is what we do. The creation of the stunning Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia is a perfect example of this. Comprised of the best in design, innovation, and sustainability, the stadium boasts a roof design that had never been attempted before. Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, called it “the most complicated roof design in the history of the world.”

An eight-panel retractable roof was designed to operate on a system of rails and motors. Because the roof needed to open quickly and without fail each time, the roof had to be designed perfectly and with incredibly intricate detail.

Working with Uni-Systems Engineering, Osborn Load Runners was contracted to provide custom cam followers to incorporate into the installation. Special materials were used to ensure there would be no internal deformation. Osborn Load Runners designed and manufactured custom bearings that could handle the load better and last longer. A special grease was also used to make sure the bearings didn’t wear out too quickly. Finally, a custom seal was designed since this was not an off-the-shelf bearing. The product that Uni-Systems and Osborn Load Runners created ensured the roof would only take eight minutes to open.

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